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Video Marketing Commonly Referred To As

Online Videos

Are 50 times more likely to show up on the first page of search engine results than text pages.

Not too many businesses have cottoned on to this fast SEO video strategy. I believe most companies aren’t aware of the high ranking possibilities.

Many clients have asked me how they can leverage this potential power.

Online Video Marketing Tips:

Optimal Video Length – should be between 90 to 200 seconds – WHY? Any Longer and they’ll feign interest… you’ll simply lose them. It’s best to engage your viewer and get their interest.

Where To Post Online Videos – They should be placed high on your website where your visitor can instantly see them as they land. The top section of your website is termed “above the fold”. It’s the golden real estate of your site and where most websites have a name capture system (opt-in), offering any type of bonus… a little seduction, giving new visitors the chance to receive a bonus offering, in exchange for their email details (email marketing strategy).

Your marketing video should be placed onto your own website first

Next you should submit the video to Social Networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter links, etc…

Important SEO Steps

It’s critical when you add online videos to social media sites to include highly searched for keywords into the respective area. Here’s an example using comfortable running shoes (I haven’t researched this niche – it’s only an example)

  • Title – (comfortable running shoes)
  • Description or Bio – (These most comfortable running shoes will improve your training results)
  • Category – (sports)
  • Tags or Keywords – (comfortable running shoes, running shoes, sports shoes, training shoes
  • Website URL – ( – this is not a real website

All social networks are high ranking which means if you submit your online videos to as many as possible, then you’ll benefit by seeing your videos ranked highly, possibly several times.

Remember… you must do keyword research and add accurate details in the appropriate spaces.

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These strategies also apply to images, banners, photos.

Ideas For Video Marketing

  • Employee training
  • Customer service
  • Product launches
  • Product descriptions
  • Branding
  • Trade show promotions etc…

Always consider your viewer

Every ‘web surfer’ is self indulgent (me included) and always have in mind when visiting a site “what’s in it for me” (WIIFM). Therefore make it interesting, keep it short and list the benefits more than the features.

At the end of your video have a strong CALL TO ACTION telling them what to do next. It couldĀ  be to leave their email to receive a discount (Check out email marketing tips), or maybe to go to another area of your site. In fact your website should be structured to lead a visitor in a systematic way.

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Have a look at these videos a software company created and posted on some social media sites as well as their own.

In under a week they received over 1,000,000 views and had a click-through rate of 5% landing them back to a landing page.

Their YouTube Video

Their Landing Page

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