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Google, Bing, and Yahoo have announced they’re supporting new markup language to add to web pages. Because they are the major search engines, and they’re collaborating, any website owner must pay attention… if they want to improve their natural search results.

All webmasters involved with website design and search engine optimization need to employ these new initiatives if they want to have an impact in driving qualified visitors to a website.

Google’s own blog describes how the search engines are coming together with this newly supported web initiative called

In their blog, Google acknowledges that it takes time and effort for webmasters to add markup especially when every search engines asks for data in a different way. That’s why it’s important they’re all coming together in . supporting this common set of schemas

In addition to bringing together the already supported schemas, there are now new categories, such as; movies, music, organizations, TV shows, products, places and more. By adding this new markup, search engines can develop richer search experiences. is designed to expand and grow organically. They have said they’re broadening the functionality of the schemas, by accepting webmaster’s feedback who have adapted the markup. By having a collaborative community, this new markup can extend to be adopted for search engines to use.

This may seem daunting for the average website owner, but the implications of not learning and including the schemas into every page of their site, will have negative results over time.

We all know that not every website is created equally, and that those who employ webmasters, trained in website optimization, have an unfair advantage. A website owner has three choices; learn themselves, employ an expert, or do nothing! It’s understandable that most businesses are time poor, and learning how to maintain a website is difficult at best… especially ensuring their website is optimized for attracting target visitors. However, without stating the obvious, it makes sense to outsource the important task of website optimization to a specialist.

Learning and applying this new structured markup is not the only requirement for better search engine results, but if you’re employing an SEO consultant, make sure they know about schema

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