Internet Marketing – Website Marketing – SEO Services

You may have a website already – Or maybe you need a website.

But do you have a website marketing plan?

A great company can’t thrive without one. You need to know what you’re trying to achieve.

Many businesses have websites built without having clear outcomes and consequently their websites actually do nothing except be a shopfront in a small alley.

Also, having a website that looks “professional”, isn’t much good if it’s buried away beyond page 1 of Google.

Would you like a “billboard” on a major highway?

A website on page 1 is like a “billboard” on a major highway

What all of OUR clients have told us – that they need most, is to:

1/ Build a database (get more customers) and turn them into repeat customers.

By increasing your database, you are, in effect, increasing the sale-ability of your business. Many people do not have a database and simply don’t understand why it’s important.

We encourage with every web development, to include an automated system of building your OWN database through email name capture. Can you imagine what it must feel like to have an email marketing system that can communicate at any time to one or ALL of your customers. And you can have a whole series of emails pre-written and programmed to be sent at two weekly intervals (or monthly etc).

Email marketing carefully managed, has the potential to increase your income… so why not capitalise on this potential.
Any email marketing system setup by Internet Marketing Rocket strictly adheres to “The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007”

Web design and development is more than “pretty websites”
Website building encompasses total marketing and business planning.
We help you to visualise the future, but also see the present.

Part of website designing is to keep a close eye on your competition, to research other brands and who your customers are and want. Also compare prices and look at the value/benefits you’re offering.

Our website designers are trained in search engine optimization.

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization – SEO is ensuring that Search Engines (like Google) know what your site is about

Search engines only know how to read words and therefore it’s important to show them relevant words that your customers are searching for (keywords). Then and only then will your website and more importantly WEBPAGE (you’ll have many pages on your site), show on Google for many different search terms.

A search term (keyword phrase) is what people search for on Google.

Unfortunately, most websites (in NZ and around the world) do not show up within the first 5 pages of Google, simply because their websites haven’t been setup (optimized) correctly. It’s not much use having a website if it’s not going to be on page 1, because according to statistics, most people don’t look beyond page 1.

Being on the first page of Google means “Traffic” – or potential customers.

Besides having good search engine rankings, due to SEO Services, you must have carefully thought out words that get an emotional connection with your customers. There are psychological triggers that are common in marketing, and if used appropriately and sincerely, then turning visitors into loyal customers is the ultimate reward.

Social Media is a perfect companion to your website and it’s common knowledge that the worlds biggest Social Media website, Facebook, has a large following, probably including your perfect customers. We have clients that receive a fair amount of traffic via their Facebook page.

Facebook advertising has local geo-targeting.

It means having the ability to target a marketing or advertising campaign at numbers of visitors based on their physical location. Advertising programs that approve geo-targeting, allow you to control where your ads are shown based on factors like country, state, city, or even within a certain distance of your address.

Imagine being able to reach clients who are looking for exactly what you are selling, at the moment they are wanting to buy. This is where local geo-targeting comes in.

Geo-targeted ad placements allow us to make a small company stand out by the services they provide in their area.

There are many variations to target in Facebook ads that there is an infinite number of possibilities. It may be confusing at first, but once you test it a few times, you’ll be able to understand it.

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